Driving North

Since bad weather and sickness made us miss Torres del Paine, this was the next best thing for me. The colony of Rock-hopper penguins in the nature reserve at Puerto Deseado. We got our tickets and got the small boat along with 4 other tourists and our guide, a biologist. She was very informative and passionate about eh penguin colonies and the sea lions, cormorants and terns that live on Isla Pinguino. 

We were able to walk by the Magellan penguins and even sit next to the Rock-hoppers. We ate lunch with a massive colony of sea lions before us and reveled in the pure unadulterated nature.

On the recommendation of our guide we drove to the tiny town of Camarones, 200 odd kms up the coast. 
There we encountered the South African boat Witblits, and our now friends Pieter and Geraldine, their Uruguayan dog Fabian, and their two cats Lily and Simon. We spent a wonderful week with them, eating, reminiscing and exchanging stories as well as movies. Sadly we had to bid them adieu and find somew…